Solving Common Issues with Anti-Return Valve Membranes in Wingfoil Sails

Solving Common Issues with Anti-Return Valve Membranes in Wingfoil Sails


Hello everyone,

Today, we want to address a common issue that some of our customers have experienced with the anti-return valve membranes in our wings

Fortunately, this problem has a simple solution that you can perform yourself in just a few minutes.

Issue: Mispositioned Anti-Return Valve Membrane

Recently, one of our users, Yasuhito Ogasawara, reported a problem with the anti-return valve membrane on the leading edge of his new Ezzy 4.5 Wing. The valve was leaking air, even though the wing had not been used before.

Solution: Re-seating the Membrane

The solution to this issue is quite straightforward. If your anti-return valve membrane is mispositioned and leaking air, all you need to do is pull out the valve and re-seat the membrane properly. This should resolve the issue immediately.

Here are two images illustrating this process:

Membrane in the incorrect position.


Membrane in the correct position.

Customer Satisfaction

Yasuhito shared his experience after fixing the issue:

"I fixed it easily. The wind at the harbor was very up and down, but the 4.5m wing was very stable, light, and had good power."

We appreciate the patience and feedback from our users, and we are here to ensure that everyone can enjoy our wings without any issues.

Thank you for trusting us, and as always, we are here to help with any questions or problems you may have.

Best regards,

Jose Fernandez

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