ToughTech® Means Strong, Light and Tested

The Ezzy ToughTech® Process

Ezzy ToughTech® represents the processes we have perfected over the past 35 years to develop high performing, strong and lightweight sails and wings.


We are lucky to have two renowned designers, José Fernandez and David Ezzy both working on wings. José, as lead designer, applies his 25 years of yacht and windsurf sail knowledge to the wings. José understands the similarities wings have to sails, such as profile and twist and applies this into the wings. David integrates José's designs so they scale smoothly between sizes. Both José and David are excited to be working together on wings.


We make a lot of prototypes. This is the only way to truly learn if the design and materials are correct. Every proto is a controlled experiment, where we change only one thing and keep everything else unchanged. This teaches us what effect, positive or negative, that change has on the performance and durability of the wing. It's expensive and time consuming, but it is the only way to make perfect wings. That's why it took us over two years to release our wing.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Testing is an art in itself. Proper testing must encompass all wind conditions and water conditions, as well as ability levels. A great wing has to feel as good to a top pro, as it does to an intermediate winger. We rely on feedback from wingers all over the world. We have test locations located on Maui, the Canary Islands and in the Columbia River Gorge. Between the three locations we get a wide range of feedback from all ability levels.

Perfection is Illusive

David Ezzy says the process of designing and developing great products is like crawling around a pitch black room, all the while trying to figure out what furniture is there. It takes focus as well as opening all your senses. The more you do it, the more you learn, until finally you can "see" all the furniture in the room. This exemplifies our approach to making wings and even though we know that true perfection is not attainable, we keep trying.

Respect and Gratitude

We would not be able to achieve our quality without the skill and love that our incredible workers put into every wing. I am extremely lucky and grateful to have such amazing people to work with.

- David Ezzy


Months of prototyping and R&D

We invested 24 months of prototyping and R&D to make sure every single detail in our first production wing would be perfect.


Years of combined sailmaking experience

The combined sailmaking experience of our wing designers David Ezzy and Jose Fernandez is 68 years.



The final step in our quality control involves every wing being inflated, measured, thoroughly checked and then left inflated overnight. No exceptions.