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David Ezzy - The Story

David Ezzy - The Story

In 1983 David Ezzy made his first windsurfing sail under the Ezzy Sail black and white eagle logo.  He started his custom sail business on Maui in an old shed that has since become a sleek design ...

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NewsEzzy Wingfoil 2.2 glides at Kanaha Foil Park

Ezzy Wingfoil 2.2 glides at Kanaha Foil Park

The Ezzy Flight Wing 2.2 at Kanaha Foil Park, Hawaii. Watch our smallest wing in action. It's nice to see how our unique aerodynamic profile, combined with high skin tension and quiet performance r...

Client storiesVictor Velasco's first impressions

Victor Velasco's first impressions

"I came early to pick up this new (to me) front foil from Ruben - the F One SK8 750.  I paired it with the Carve 195 rear stabilizer. And before I could even go out, Donnel asked if I wanted to...