David Ezzy Talks About Our Ezzy Flight Wing

David Ezzy Talks About Our Ezzy Flight Wing

Welcome to a new chapter of innovation and excellence in the history of Ezzy Sails. With over 40 years of leading windsurf sail development and manufacturing, we are proud to introduce our latest advancement: the Ezzy Flight wings for wingfoiling.

In this video, David Ezzy, the founder of Ezzy Sails, will talk about the creation process and the unique features of our Ezzy Flight wings. These wings are the result of a passionate and intense collaboration between our team in the Canary Islands, led by JosΓ© Fernandez from Flight Sails, and our team in Maui, under the direction of David Ezzy.

The research and development conducted in these two exceptional testing environments have allowed us to design a wing that not only excels in performance but also boasts remarkable durability and strength. Each Ezzy Flight wing is produced in our very own factory in Sri Lanka, the same facility where we have been manufacturing our renowned windsurfing sails for over three decades.

Owning and operating our factory enables us to maintain rigorous quality control, ensuring that every wing we deliver meets the high standards our customers expect from Ezzy Sails.

Join us in this video as David Ezzy explains how our experience and dedication translate into top-quality products for wingfoiling.

For more information about our Ezzy Flight wings, visit our website: Ezzy Wings.

We hope you enjoy the video and join us in this exciting evolution!

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